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K Design’s interpretive signage work began with the Memphis Zoo’s China Exhibit in 2000. Our philosophy has never changed: start with a big idea and make it easy for visitors to ‘get it’. If people don’t read the signs, they will never get the Big Idea. So you must follow rule #1: Make it easy! Here are examples of our interpretive work.

Interpretive Signage and Exhibits

Memphis Zoo: Northwest Passage
Memphis, Tennessee
John Ball Zoo: Tigers of the Realm
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Kansas City Zoo: Polar Passage
Kansas City, Kansas
Fire Museum: 9-1-1 Exhibit
Memphis, Tennessee
Little Rock Zoo: Species Signs
Little Rock, AR
New Madrid Historical Museum: Great Quakes, New Madrid, MO
Memphis Zoo: China Exhibit
Memphis, Tennessee
Fort Pillow Historic State Park

Henning, TN

WONDERS Series: The Medici
Memphis, TN
Little Rock Zoo: Cheetah Outpost
Little Rock, AR
Interactive Exhibits

Little Rock Zoo: Penquin Pointe
Little Rock, AR
Cosley Zoo: Species and Aviary Signage
Wheaton, IL
Memphis Zoo: Teton Trek
Memphis, TN
Abilene Zoo: African Species Signs
Abilene, TX
Fort Wayne Children's Zoo: African Journey
Ft. Wayne, IN
Little Rock Zoo: Area Signage
Little Rock, AR
Fort Wayne Children's Zoo: Australian Exhibit, Ft. Wayne, IN
Beale Street Landing - Riverfront Development Corp. Memphis, TN
Cosley Zoo - Bobcat Exhibit
Wheaton, IL
First Contact - DeSoto Greenways 
Hernando, MS
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